Today’s Lady News: Curbing Reproductive Rights Raises Taxpayer Costs, Duh

  • Curbing reproductive rights raises taxpayer costs, duh. I’m pretty sure women’s rights activists have been saying this, oh, forever. [Bloomberg]
  • This is how much it costs to own a vagina: an itemized list. [Jezebel]
  • Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, compared women to caterpillars. [Bloomberg
  • Clutch your pearls! The University of Wisconisn distributed free condoms to students before spring break and some people are pissed about it. [Badger Herald]
  • One Goh, the gunman who killed six women and one man at California’s Oikos College, “just can’t deal with women,” said a teacher at the school. Police have said the only man killed in the shooting was killed so that his car could be stolen for a getaway. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Thanks to the gender disparity in college admissions, getting into schools is getting tougher for girls. [The Daily Beast
  • How to be a lady, according to Rookie Mag. I guarantee it’ll be the best thing you read on the internet all day (besides everything on The Frisky). [Rookie Mag]
  • Ten great female-fronted punk bands you should know about. [Flavorwire]
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