Samantha Brick Still Doesn’t Understand The Real Reason Women Don’t Like Her

Since Samantha Brick exploded (maybe imploded?) onto the scene earlier this week with her Daily Mail article on the vagaries of being a beautiful woman, she’s been making the media rounds. Yesterday, Brick appeared on the UK show “ITV This Morning,” going head-to-head with the show’s hosts and psychologist Emma Kelly. Despite their best efforts, though, Samantha Brick still doesn’t get it — she still thinks that women don’t like her because she’s beautiful. But actually, that’s got nothing to do with it, Sam.

As the week of Samantha Brick has soldiered on, I’ve tried to parse out what it is exactly that has made her such a problematic figure. It’s not that she says she’s attractive. That should be congratulated! In a culture where women are constantly putting their looks down, it’s refreshing to hear a woman call herself attractive — especially a woman who is 41, an age where women are typically made to disappear. It’s got nothing to do, even, with the notion of arrogance. Plus, notions of beauty are subjective anyway.

Actually, what troubles me about Samantha Brick is her misogyny. Instead of looking inward and examining how she might be contributing to why other people do or don’t like her, Samantha Brick is all too ready to assume that women hate her because she’s beautiful. Because that’s a convenient and simplistic excuse, and it reinforces a sexist culture’s ideas that all women care about is how attractive they are to men. In Samantha Brick’s world, women are only nice to each other as long as we aren’t threatened by one another. And that’s just totally ridiculous. It’s sad that she has such a pathetic, small-minded and predictable view of how women think.

A misogynist culture expects and encourages women to tear each other apart. And apparently so does Samantha Brick. So, let’s not give her, or it, what she wants.