Get A Look At Gauguins Without Leaving The Country — Or The Couch

I do enjoy going to museums and galleries to get a closer look at art, whether it’s an iconic masterpiece produced by a long-dead Renaissance man or a modern work by an up-and-comer, but truth be told, I’m also lazy. Of course, some of the most amazing museums are right here in New York City, but $20+ price of admission and a long hike uptown are two factors that invariably make me want to gag. I fantasize about one day strolling through, say, the Château de Chantilly or the Leopold in Vienna, but those dreams are intangible for now.

Thankfully, the fine people at Google, bless them, have established what I think to be one of the most truly innovative ideas on the web: the Google Art Project, which allows users to look at works of art from galleries all over the world.

The project launched over a year ago, but this week, they debuted a serious upgrade to the database. The project now features over 30,000 works from 151 galleries and museums in 40 countries. Seriously! They even use their street view technology inside the museum to simulate the experience of actually being there. So if you don’t hear from me, you’ll know where I am … maybe the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern, or the Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam? See you there — I’ll be the one in pajamas. [Refinery 29]