Do Smart Ladies Really Have Mediocre Sex Lives?

Ladies, put down those books and pick up … well, don’t pick anything up. Just lay down. A recent study by a German lifestyle website found that smart chicks are less likely to enjoy sex! Sixty-two percent of women with university or higher education degrees reported difficulties achieving orgasm, compared with just 34 percent of non-degree holding women. Darn it! Had I known my path to a great sex life would be blocked by those damn literary classics and huge texts books, I would’ve just gotten my GED and called it a day.

Supposedly, the explanation for this depressing finding is that increased schooling eventually leads to more responsibility in the workplace, which invariably increases stress. Never mind the stress of having a low-salaried or undesirable job — according to this (arguably sketchy) study, apparently going to college and having a career in the field of your choice will make it harder for you to come. Great. Can’t undo what’s already been done. All of us smart ladies better just continue enjoying our mediocre sex lives.

So, seriously, Frisky readers are smart, educated and accomplished — do you agree with this studies conclusions? []