Would You Sext A Stranger To Earn $5?

Ladies, would you do homework, give fashion advice or “put 15 tootsie roll pops in your mouth singing the alphabet backwards in a bikini”? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, there is a special place for you online! GirlfriendHire.com, a new website that pairs dudes with girls willing to do anything (not explicitly sexual in nature) for only $5, should be your new homepage. Wondering what other services you can offer or receive from such a site?

The ladies of GirlfriendHire.com post their individual offers on the site like “I can send you an elaborately decorated long romantic letter as if I were your girlfriend” and “I will send you up to three dirty text messages whenever you ask me to send them ;) Impress your friends.” Other young women will video or text message you, send or receive postcards, help with homework, pretend to be your girlfriend on Facebook, offer fashion advice, share “female secrets” and even fake a breakup when you’re ready to move your separate ways.  

Have many of these services piqued your interest, but you aren’t sure whether you can trust someone with a money transaction? GirlfriendHire.com has got yo back! All payments are verified through Paypal so no dudes can skimp you out of your hard earned cash.

Hmm. We’re not sure sure PayPal’s cut of the fee is worth giving up our closely guarded “female secrets.” Would you sell services on a site like this?

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