Spray Away The Mid-Day Sleepies

Ever since I quit drinking coffee regularly, I’ve fallen victim to a very serious case of the 3 o’clock brain lapse. Every day around the same time I suffer the same symptoms: heavy eyelids, fuzzy thought process, 10 yawns per minute, a mind that wanders to visions of mattresses … and the only known cure for such a cognitive issue is a splash of icy water to the face. It’s a less than desirable proposal for this habitual makeup-wearer — as in, not happening. Luckily, Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir makes a pretty decent stand-in for when hovering over the sink is just this side of totally impractical. The spray is gentle enough so as not to be jarring, but it’s a welcome, refreshing blaster for that all-too-familiar mid-day haze, one that won’t disturb your makeup and even imparts a dewy, fresh glow to the most fatigued of faces … like mine. [$28.99, Dermstore]