Sea Of Shoes Blogger Jane Aldridge Is Kind Of A Brat

Jane Aldridge is the 20-year-old behind the very popular fashion blog Sea of Shoes. She’s also, from what we can tell from the profile of her in the new issue of Texas Monthly, kind of a precocious brat. Aldridge, who still lives at home in Dallas, Texas, with her stage mother-ish mom Judy, seems to exist in some bizarre “Grey Garden”s-flecked universe, in which she and her mother are overly chummy, and spend their days on overly-elaborate photoshoots featuring Jane’s opulent shoe collection.

Right off, from the profile, we can tell that Jane’s got a bit of an attitude. “Hello!” she huffs at the Texas Monthly reporter who is holding a pair of glitter Miu Miu booties. “I’m trying to shoot those. Can you put them down?” 

Jason Sheeler writes:

There are many women who love shoes, but Jane’s infatuation with footwear—discernible in her narrowing green eyes, her mean-girl tone, and proprietary bossiness—is intimidating.

But maybe Jane’s biggest problem is her mother.

Jane’s mom also runs a blog — about home decoration — and seems to have a rather close, maybe too close relationship with her daughter. She’s definitely been labeled a stage mother. “But I couldn’t care less, because my daughter’s well-being is so much more important,” she says. “People watch our blogs and try to create story lines.” And as for how Judy’s taste has influenced Jane, well, the snob doesn’t fall far from the snob tree.

As we pass by the discounter Nordstrom Rack (“Gross!” says Judy. “[Judy’s younger daughter] Carol made me go there one time, and I wanted to punch myself”)

Well, that sounds like a perfectly reasonable response. And it seems that her relationship with her mother doesn’t leave space for many other friendships — or boyfriends.

“I’ve heard it all before,” Jane says, bored by the subject. “People have issues about close relationships with parents.” She leans forward. “They’re like”—she growls in a sinister voice—“ ‘Do you have any friends besides your mom?’ ” She does, she says. She gets together with them whenever they come home from college. And as for boyfriends, well, there is always Facebook.

And it seems that Jane will do whatever she can to maintain the fantasy a bit longer. She has no plans of attending college or leaving Texas anytime soon. And while she finally moved out of the house she grew up in, her mother followed her. Jane will moved into a condo and her mother set herself up in a townhouse around the corner. [Texas Monthly]