Meet The Guy Who Bombed The Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Clinic Sunday Night

Meet Francis Grady, 50, anti-abortion extremist. On Sunday night, he decided the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies from being terminated at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute, Wisconsin, was to place a handmade bomb outside their window sill. The explosive device caused a small fire and the PP clinic had to close for one day. During a preliminary hearing yesterday regarding the clinic violence, Grady interrupted the U.S. Magistrate Judge to ask, “Do you even care at all about the 1,000 babies that died screaming?” 

Francis Grady claimed he did not place a bomb at the clinic, as police have said. He insists it was merely “gasoline” inside a plastic water bottle and set on fire with a lighter. More of a science project, really. Semantics! Grady also said he committed this little act of domestic terrorism because “they’re killing babies in there.” Leaving court, he insisted, “Hey I’m here to do good, not wrong.”

Francis Grady is, you see, the victim in this whole situation. He is very upset the county jail he is being held in does not have a medical staff to attend to him; he appeared at court wearing a neck brace, claiming to have a broken neck, and groused, “If I move my neck a certain way, I could die, but who cares?” Suspicious, then, that a reporter noticed him remove the neckbrace during the hearing and idly play with it.  He also also asked a newspaper photographer to take a picture of him because he wanted “to give one wink” to his girlfriend.

If convicted, he faces 21 years in prison. 

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Image via Green Bay Press Gazette