“Women Don’t Care About Contraception,” SC Governor Nikki Haley Claims

If you thought it was just dude politicians who were tone deaf on women, think again: South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley visited “The View” today and declared, “Women don’t care about contraception.”

Oh jeez Louise.

Nikki Haley, a Republican governor who also happens to be one of the few Indian-Americans in public office, stopped by to chat about her new book. After dodging questions about the Confederate flag flying above the statehouse and rumors that she had an extramarital affair while she was a state representative, Elisabeth Hasselbeck then asked Haley about her stance on women’s rights. 

“Women don’t care about contraception,” Haley responded, “they care about jobs and the economy and raising their families and all of those things—”

Haley was interrupted by Joy Behar, who I like to think of as “The View”‘s bullshit detector, who informed her that women should care about contraception.

“The media cares about contraception,” Haley answers … which is just kind of the dumbest response ever. I mean, the media is merely covering the many, many politicians who are OBSESSED with contraception right now.

Joy Behar then responded, to audience applause, “When someone like Rick Santorum says they’re going to take it away, we care!” Haley then backpedaled a bit, conceding that we do care about contraception, but then said, “We don’t want the government mandating it, when we have it and when we don’t.” I wasn’t aware government-mandated contraception was an issue? What is Nikki Haley talking about, exactly? 

I can’t believe this woman is supposedly on Mitt Romney’s shortlist for the VP nomination (although she said she’s not interested). Then again, Sarah Palin railed against the “lamestream media” while appearing this morning on “The Today Show,” so anything is possible.


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