Today’s Lady News: Women Swing State Voters Back Obama Over Romney

  • More women voters in swing states support Barack Obama over Mitt Romney, according to a poll by USA Today/Gallup. Obama leads with women 51 percent to Romney’s 42 percent, with the number of women under age 50 who support Romney shrinking. [MSNBC]
  • Black women have more trouble clearing HPV from their bodies, which puts them at greater risk for cervical cancer, according to a new study. Compared with white women, black women’s bodies held onto strains of HPV for six months longer. [AP
  • Goldman Sachs has sold its shares in, a shady “hookup” web site fingered for the sex trafficking of women by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. [New York Times]
  • Wounded veteran Tammy Duckworth is getting trashed by her opponent, Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh, with comments like “ehhh … what else has she done?” despite the fact she lost both legs and an arm while in Iraq. [Feministing]
  • The state of Kansas has paid almost $600,000 to private law firms to defend the state’s anti-abortion laws. [AP]
  • An eyewitness to the rape-at-gunpoint of a school teacher, by NYC police officer Michael Pena, is shocked and horrified that Pena was not convicted of rape charges. Pena was only found guilty of three counts of sexual assault. [Gothamist]
  • On the “patent gap,” i.e. the gap between the number of men versus women who apply for patents on inventions. [Freakonomics
  • Twelve books by black women that every black man (or everyone, period) should read. [ONTD]
  • Nobel laureate and pro-democracy activist Aung Sun Suu Kyi has reportedly been elected to a seat in Burma’s parliament. Suu Kyi has lived much of her life under house arrest for promoting democracy within Burma’s military-controlled government. [Guardian UK]
  • The British Pregnancy Advisory Service warns that fewer doctors may go into the women’s reproductive health care because of political attacks on abortion. [Guardian UK]
  • Muslim girls in the Scout Association have a new uniform with a hoodie dress and long sleeves, so the girls can participate in the same activities as other girls but still keep their bodies covered. [Guardian UK
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