Would You Wear: January Jones’s Subtle Lavender Shadow?

Let’s face it: January Jones probably looks just as good in fleece sweatpants as she does decked out in a ball gown. Her enviable facial features — those eyes! Those cheekbones! — also happen to make the perfect showcase for just about any makeup look, so when I say I don’t know if this one quite works, I don’t mean it doesn’t look good. I love a hit of lavender on the lids or in the crease of the eye, but does it really make a statement when it’s smoked out into a subtle wing? With no liner, the look lacks punch, and combined with the sweet pink lipstick, this face has little impact for me. To make it more striking, I would have added black liquid liner and gone nude on the lips. What do you think? Would you wear January’s soft, sweeping lavender shadow, or do you prefer a more defined look? [via BellaSugar]