Beauty Test Drive: BECCA Eye Tint Créme

I’ve found an easy-peasy smoky eye in a tube. Yeah, a tube. It’s not an eyeshadow — it’s a cream. No brushes required. No large palettes to carry around. No loose powder flaking on the tops of my cheeks. BECCA’s Eye Tint créme is the easiest smoky eye I’ve ever done.

Price/Availability: $24,

Packaging: As I said, Eye Tint comes in a tube — a rather small tube. It would be awesome if BECCA made larger sizes of their products, but the upside is this eye makeup is easy to transport in even the tiniest purse or a clutch.

Formula: Daubs of Eye Tint go on your lids as a cream, but dry as a powder. In that way, the Eye Tint is totally similar to BECCA’s Beach Tint cheek stain, which I also test-drove. I’ve found it is pigmented enough that only one coat creates a sufficiently smoky eye look, but you can wait a minute until tries and keep piling it on for darker and darker looks. Unlike traditional eyeshadows, so far I’ve never had it flake off or streak.

Wear Time: BECCA claims their Eye Tint is “long-lasting,” but I have found it to last a few hours before it fades. There will still be some color on my lids, but it will go from a definite “smoky eye” look to just looking like I have faded grey shadow on.

Overall: I’ll be honest. This Eye Tint is kinda frustrating: it looks really pretty on, but it is rather expensive considering it fades too soon. If it hadn’t been sent to me for free to test drive by BECCA, I might be pissed. But will I buy it myself when this tube runs out? Yes, actually, I will. To me it is worth it to have a super-quick, idiot-proof way to do a smoky eye. I don’t mind using multiple shadows or multiple brushes, but this is so easy and there’s no brushes to wash afterwards. To me, this product is the ideal eye makeup to stick in your tiny clutch for a night out dancing.

Grade: 4/5

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