Newspaper Fires Writer Sarah Tressler Because She Also Worked As A Stripper

A Texas newspaper has fired staff reporter Sarah Tressler after she was exposed — by a competing paper, natch — as a stripper. Tressler, who has a bachelor’s and master’s degree, worked as a society reporter for the Houston Chronicle and taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Houston. But for eight years, she also worked at upscale strip clubs.

Sarah Tressler blogged about stripping at Diary Of An Angry Stripper, writing articles like “Customers To Avoid List” and “10 Things You Should Know Before You Date A Stripper,” and tweeted from @AngryStripper. Yet she told “Good Morning America” that she never assumed she would be “outed” by anyone because it seemed “like such a mean thing to do.” (Houston Press, the paper that exposed her, said they only did it because it was a “good story.”) After getting canned by the Chronicle for not revealing the job, Tressler is now working as a teacher, and is also still stripping.

She seems to have a really good head on her shoulders and is a lot more mellow about getting fired/publicly outed than I would have been had it happened to me. The stigma against sex workers in this country is just ridiculous and the gleeful, witch-hunt-y way that women like Sarah Tressler get publicly shamed should make the people that do it feel gross. I don’t see how her nighttime job had anything to do with her daytime job — in fact, if you really wanted to reach, you could even argue that the access to people she had in strip clubs could have provided more fodder to her work as a society reporter (which is basically party reporting — i.e. attending parties and writing about the gossip). She’s allowed to legally support herself the way she sees fit to have the lifestyle that she wants. It’s just shameful that having a sex worker on staff was considered such a liability to the Houston Chronicle — which declined to comment on the story — that she needed to be fired. 

Or maybe they were just embarrassed that their pay was shitty.

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Image via “Good Morning America”