17 Things Every Woman Should Know How To Do In Her Own Home

As we wrap up Every Woman Needs month here at The Frisky, let’s talk about some of the most basic — and often overlooked — things every woman needs to be able to do in her own space. Whether you live in a teeny tiny apartment or a sprawling estate; coupled or single, here is a list of important skills and tasks to have in your repertoire. Please feel free share other ideas in the comments!

1. Cook a signature meal that’s not toast. Something simple-yet-delicious that you can whip up for guests. Scrambled eggs count but only if you add a little spinach and cheese.

2. Clean up and put everything away in a timely fashion. A place for everything and everything in its place, you know?

3. Change lightbulbs. How many women does it take to change a lightbulb? One. Duh.

4. Flip your own breaker. When the power short-circuits from using your blowdryer and space heater at the same time, you’ll be so thankful for this knowledge.

5. Kill a bug and dispose of it. Spider in the bathtub? No problem. Wasp in the living room? Whatever. Cockroach in the kitchen? No worries. You’ve got this.

6. Plunge your toilet. And fix the chain if it disconnects from the flusher. Gross? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely.

7. Fix the vacuum belt. Don’t let a minor annoyance like this interrupt a cleaning rampage.

8. Patch a hole in the wall. Have you ever done this before? It’s actually really fun. Put on some music and get spacklin’!

9. Hang pictures properly. Become best friends with your level and hammer, and soon there will be less holes to patch (aww, sad).

10. Know what to do if there’s a gas leak. You don’t need to be able to fix it yourself, but you do need to know who to call.

11. Pay the bills on time. Knowing the due dates and where and how to send payments will help you avoid late fees and feel like a badass business lady.

12. Separate the recycling. Mother Earth thanks you in advance.

13. Reboot the Internet. Seriously, it’s so empowering to know how to get your signal back and not rely on condescending advice from the Geek Squad or your nerdy brother.

14. Move a couch or large chair by yourself. Even if it takes you 20 minutes of shove-shove-scootch. Worth it, especially for those 2AM furniture-rearranging urges.

15. Practice grown-up stranger danger techniques. Know what to do when someone you don’t know is at the door asking to come in. Trust your gut and stick to your plan.

16. Repair a leaky faucet. Surprisingly easy to fix and totally satisfying to do it yourself.

17. Carve out a space that yours alone. Whether you cohabitate or live alone, whether it’s a huge room or a tiny corner, whether you use it for meditating or solo dance parties, every woman needs, as Virginia Woolf put it, “a room of her own.” Make sure you create that space for yourself and use it often.

What else would you add to the list?