Today’s Lady News: Abortion Clinic Landlord Gets Revenge On Harassing Protestors

  • The landlord of an abortion clinic in Germantown, Maryland, is getting back at anti-abortion protesters who make harassing phone calls to him at home by taking down the phone numbers and distributing lists of them to pro-choice protesters who call these people back. According to the Washington Post, 3,000 people have volunteered to make calls, which has inspired the landlord, Todd Stave, to set a up group called Voice Of Choice to help other clinics whose employees are harassed by these extremists.  [Newser]
  • Latinas are the lowest paid group in the United States, earning on average 40 percent less than white, non-Hispanic men, according to a union for Latin American workers. [Fox News]
  • An anti-abortion group has filed a brief with Alabama’s Supreme Court urging them to test aborted fetuses for meth. The state has a “chemical endangerment of children” law which puts mothers behind bars if their liveborn babies test positive for drugs. However, if the state decides to test fetuses for meth as well, it could set a precedent for considering a fetus to be a fully-formed child. [Huffington Post]
  • On the death of young Iraqi mother Shaima Alawadi and what it means about hatred in this country. [Colorlines]
  • What “Mirror, Mirror” and the Snow White story says about women, beauty and aging. [Huffington Post]
  • If you think you’re gay, do you have to come out? Frisky contributor Lena Chen explains. []
  • Check out 12 unreleased photos from artist Frida Kahlo’s personal collection. [Guanabee]
  • Activists in Uganda are outraged that a man who tortured his wife to death has only served 12 years and was released this week. [AP]
  • London, the location of the 2012 Olympics, has renamed 361 subway stations to honor Olympians, including several female athletes like Venus Williams and Sheryl Swoops. [Clutch Magazine]
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