30 Ways “The Bachelor” Can Diversify

After watching Ben Flajnik flip his hair and stare off into the distance for an entire season, we are desperate to see something different on “The Bachelor.” We have been desperate for a good “Bachelor” since Charlie O’Connell. And that was like four seasons ago. And he wasn’t even that great. It’s about time that “The Bachelor” franchise diversify. Word on the street is that Lamar Hurd, a Portland-based sportscaster may be the first black “Bachelor.” Hot, humble, kind and looks amazing with his shirt off. Oh God yes, please. “Bachelor” franchise, hear our plea: cast Lamar! There is room for all types of Bachelors and Bachelorettes on your show. Some of our suggestions after the jump. [EW]

  1. A woman with short hair.
  2. A woman who doesn’t look like a bikini model in her swimsuit.
  3. An A-cup.
  4. Someone with hair dyed an unnatural color.
  5. A woman who doesn’t cover up her greys.
  6. A freegan.
  7. Someone and/or a couple seeking a polyamorous partner.
  8. A guy or girl with copious tattoos.
  9. Someone disabled, disfigured, or missing a limb.
  10. Someone with toe thumbs.
  11. Someone who can’t swim.
  12. A woman with glasses.
  13. Someone who’s Asian.
  14. A woman over 40.
  15. A guy with one nut.
  16. A person who would prefer to hang out indoors rather than out (i.e. is averse to going to the beach or rock climbing or taking romantic boat rides).
  17. Someone with a lisp.
  18. A lesbian.
  19. A man or woman who spent time in prison for a non-violent crime.
  20. An immigrant.
  21. A woman who doesn’t wear makeup.
  22. A guy with moobs.
  23. A bisexual man.
  24. A feminist.
  25. Someone in recovery.
  26. Someone with OCD (i.e. needs to ask “Will you accept this rose?” five times.
  27. An agoraphobe (all the dates need to come to him).
  28. A nudist.
  29. Someone who doesn’t believe in marriage.
  30. A male virgin.