Woman Finds Mold On Her Tampon, Kotex Says It’s Nothing To Worry About

Feminine hygiene products should be hygienic, no? Well, that was not the case when Danielle Parr went to insert a Kotex tampon into her hoo-ha and discovered that the tampon popped out of the applicator covered in mold. Let me repeat that: MOLD. MOLLLLLLLLLD. Luckily for her, she was, for some reason, removing the tampon from the applicator before inserting it so she was able to spot the black and green fungus before it was injected into her lady business. Can you imagine? I’m dry heaving. 

Naturally, Parr called Kotex to complain and was told:

We understand how distressing it can be to find mold on a product that is used for personal hygiene and apologize for your concern. In instances where it has been found, we conducted tests on the product involved and have found the mold to be a common environmental species that carries no health risk. The vegetative mold is similar in nature to mold on vegetables or in baked goods.

WHAT? First of all, “in cases where it has been found,” PLURAL? This has happened before? And, no bigs, but this kind of mold is nothing to be worried about because it causes no health risks and is similar to the mold found on food? Oh, okay. Thanks for the lack of concern, Kotex lady! I don’t know about you, readers, but I don’t want mold — on tampons or on food — anywhere near my vagina. No. No. NO. [Clutch Mag]