Justin Bieber To Release Line Of Wigs

Justin Bieber is about as famous for his hair — that soft, front swooping mop — as he is for his girlish crooning, so I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the “Baby” singer is branching out into the hair market. Namely wigs, modeled after his own much-coveted look. Now both men <i>and</i> women can rock the Biebs’ cut without having to undergo any snipping. Hey, if Jessica Simpson can make millions of her line of hair pieces and wigs, why can’t Justin Bieber? 

Made from real human hair — not that cheap crap used in Justin Bieber Halloween costumes — donated by fans of the singer (head to LocksOfBieberLove.com to find out how to donate your own), the wigs also come with Bieber-approved hair products (mousse and pomade).  Priced at $99 each, you can pay an addition $29.99 for custom highlights. So, would you ever buy a wig from Justin Bieber’s line? Get more info after the jump!

Jussssssssssst kidding! This story has been entirely pulled from my butt. You just got, ahem, “PUNK’D!” Speaking of “Punk’d,” the show, hosted by Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, is back, premiering tonight on MTV at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. CT. Check out the trailer below. (And sorry if you were actually psyched about the idea of a real Justin Bieber wig line.)

This post has been sponsored by Punk’d.