Evening Quickies: Elton John Talks Whitney Houston, Cocaine Abuse

  • Talking about Whitney Houston’s recent death, which has been officially ruled a drowning, Elton John said, “I could have easily ended up like Whitney Houston. It’s a miracle I didn’t. Because I’m sure I did as much cocaine as she ever did.” Why do celebrities always chime in with this It could have been me! thing after a death? I’m thinking of Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse here. It seems a little tasteless to attract attention to yourself and the fact that you were lucky enough not to die. But, hey, he’s Elton John, so I’ll give him a pass. [Because he’s Elton John, I will not give him a pass. — Editor]  [E! Online]
  • Three-year-olds are pouty and temper tantrum-prone, even when their mama is Jennifer Lopez. [PopCrush]
  • Check out the letter that a 2o-year-old Fiona Apple wrote back in 2000 to a high school kid trying to start a Gay-Straight Alliance. [Nerve]
  • Ten “New Girl”-inspired outfits for spring and/or a Zooey Deschanel fan festival. [Betty Confidential]
  • Kate Winslet is not so impressed with her performance in “Titanic.” [Celebrity Cafe]
  • Kiernan Shipka, the 12-year-old who plays Sally Draper on “Mad Men,” has better style than you. Just deal with it. [NYMag.com]
  • Willow Smith’s latest hair color: neon yellow. [Beauty Blogging Junkie]
  • Five smarter alternatives to getting your girlfriend’s name tattooed on your penis. [How About We]
  • Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump is hosting a “Women For Romney” fundraiser that will double as Ann Romney’s birthday party. Only $1,000 to see the inside of The Donald’s apartment, gals. [BuzzFeed]
  • Lindsay Lohan’s probation has officially ended, but not without being reprimanded by a judge to “stop nightclubbing” and “focus on work.”  Sage advice for us all. [People
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