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This past weekend, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum in St. Augustine, Florida, held a trashy fashion contest, aimed at discovering the best young designers who could create things out of recycled materials. Take this dress made by 15-year-old Kennedy Trugter, who won $100 for her party dress made entirely out of newspaper. Pretty impressive, right? But Kennedy wasn’t the only winner…

Seventeen-year-old Masha Sardari (left) created a formal, knee length gown made from used paint brushes and paper bags. And 12-year-old (!) Analise Barnard and co-designer Amani Grant won first prize in the 12-and-under division for their party dress and headband made entirely from coffee filters. All three winners received $100 in cash and were paid an additional $100 by Ripley’s to acquire the dress. Pretty cool, huh? [Ripley’s]

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