Makeup Bag: 10 Tinted Lip Balms

I love — love! — bold, vividly pigmented lipsticks and glosses, but I often find my lips sorely in need of a break from sticky, long-wear formulas and constant reapplication. Unfortunately, going bare with my pale skin results in a look that’s … less than living, so it’s in my best interest to rarely leave the confines of my home without a bit of color. This is where tinted lip balms come in. They’re the consummate trifecta: moisturizing, color (and therefore, life)-imparting, and once it’s on, it’s sheer enough that you don’t have to worry about a potential unattractive fade-away. They’re also perfect for the warmer weather because they’re quick to apply, hard to mess up, and often contain SPF. What could be more practical? After the jump, check out my picks for tinted balms even a total makeup rookie (or, on the contrary, a seasoned beauty guru) could learn to love.