Kate Middleton’s Fave Store L.K. Bennett Expands In The U.S.

Some of us are not fans of Kate Middleton’s style, which Julie referred to as “on the mumsy, conservative ‘I shop at Talbots and Ann Taylor’ side.” I don’t dispute that characterization. But as someone who was weaned at a breast emblazoned with tiny whale appliqués, I find relief in Kate’s sartorial staidness. Thank God I don’t have to wear a plaid turquoise dashiki and pretend it doesn’t look moronic.

The U.S. is getting a little more Kate-ish today when an outpost of the preppy, European-based L.K. Bennett, opens in New York City. (Perplexingly, news reports say the store is in Columbus Circle but the company’s web site says it is in Bloomingdales. Fashion is so confusing.) The brand has five other shops around the country. 

The duchess shot the brand to stardom when she war L.K. Bennett espadrilles the day after her wedding — since nicknamed “The Kate” — and the brand’s nude four-inch heels, called “The Sledge.” Much like another favorite Middleton brand, Reiss, the prices at L.K. Bennett ($345 for heels) are batshit insane for those of us not married into royalty. But heeeey, Prince Harry is still single. 


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