Judge Tosses “Sex Slave” Lawsuit Against American Apparel’s Dov Charney

Dov Charney’s hipster skeezbaggery is well-documented. However, a Brooklyn judge has tossed a $260 million lawsuit against the American Apparel CEO — brought by a former worker who said Dovney forced her to become a “sex slave” — and ordered it be settled in arbitration. Irene Morales, 21, said three years ago, when she was a student, Dov locked her inside his Manhattan apartment and kept her there as his personal sex slave, forcing her to perform oral sex for several hours.  

Lawyers for Dov Charney paint a different story. They say that Irene Morales pursued Dov, offering sex while trying to get him to give her one of his laptops to use for school, as well as money.  His legal team used the two arguments that always come up in these young-girl-accuses-rich-guy-of-sex-abuse scenarios: she’s trying to extort him (money grubbing!) and she had sent explicit photos and messages where she promised sex acts in exchange for goodies (slut!).

No one knows actually what happened in this scenario. Generally speaking, I’m inclined to believe a woman who says she is sexually assaulted. Last May, Morales told “The Today Show” that she carried on a relationship with Dov Charney (presumably after the alleged initial sexual assault) because “I thought it was almost normal. I thought everyone in the retail or fashion industry had to go through something similar to that.” Perhaps this situation came about because she was a naive, financially strapped college girl and he was all too happy to take advantage of that fact?  

In any case, what I do know that just because you have sent someone sexy photos and messages (such as “Daddy’s got a little naughty girl waiting for him,” according to The New York Post) doesn’t mean that you consented to be their sex puppet — for one night or eight months. Whatever the truth is, I wish both the law and the media could rise above the same-old, same-old way we tell these stories. 

Besides, can’t Dov Charney just go away already?!

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