10 Things Mel Gibson May Be Doing With $100 Worth Of Breadsticks

Breaking Mel Gibson news! While dining at Madeo restaurant in West Hollywood this week, Mel was informed by his waiter that they only served breadsticks on the weekends. So Mel allegedly took matters into his own hands and bribed the waiter to run down the block and buy him $100 worth of breadsticks. Why? Our guess is as good as yours. “He just loves breadsticks!” a witness theorized. We’re not totally satisfied with that explanation, so we’ve come up with a few of our own. After the jump some ideas about what Mel might be doing with all that bread. [In Touch]

1. He’s doing weird sex stuff with them. We don’t want to know what exactly.

2. He’s making a huge menorah out of them … for Passover.

3. He feeds them to his beaver puppet, which he keeps as a pet.

4. He’s having a dinner party for Jodie Foster, his last remaining friend. They love to break bread together.

5. He’s carbo loading for Iron Man. He’s an athlete now.

6. They are part of his anger management treatment. He snaps them all apart in rage.

7. God told him to.

8. He’s starting a new chain restaurant called The Olive Orchard.

9. He heard that breadsticks help ward off Jews like garlic does with vampires.

10. He’s starting a band where the members all use food to play their instruments. He’s on drums.