Today’s Lady News: AZ Grocer Covers Up Jessica Simpson’s Nude Magazine Cover

  • Look, I’m as sick of listening to Jessica Simpson talk about her copious amounts of amniotic fluid as you are. [I’m not sick of it! — Editor] But really, Tucson, Arizona grocery store, was it necessary to cover up Jess’s naked, pregnant Elle magazine cover with a sign reading “Please Do Not Remove Cardboard”? [ABC News]
  • Abortion opponents performed six live ultrasounds in Idaho’s state capitol, where the legislature is debating forced ultrasounds for women seeking abortions. [Business Week]
  • New Hampshire’s state House voted to keep their law legalizing same-sex marriage in place. [Union Leader]
  • On why “choice” may not be the best framework to discuss women’s reproductive rights. [The Nation]
  • What Barbie could learn from American Girl. [TIME]
  • Weird pop cultural bras to love and admire. [Flavorwire]
  • Will America have our first female president before we have our first female NBA head coach? [Forbes]
  • Meet Christine Quinn, the speaker of New York City’s City Council who is also an out lesbian. [Elle]


  • Divorce in India totally screws over women. [New York Times]
  • Christine Rougoor, 24, who is paralyzed, bungee jumped in her wheelchair off a bridge in British Columbia, Canada. Kickass! [The Sun UK]
  • On building a new future for Rwandan women who lived through the country’s 1994 genocide. [GOOD
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