Today In Ridiculous: Odd Future Calls Its Pop-Up Shop A “Sweatshop”

Oh, Odd Future. Tyler the Creator, et al, love causing trouble and controversy. Last night, their show in Boston was shut down by the cops — but that’s not all! Their New York “pop-up shop” is still going strong. And in typical uninformed incendiary Odd Future fashion, they’re referring to it as “the sweatshop.” Because you know, sweatshop jokes are super duper funny.

Actually, sweatshops are oppressive places where people are often forced to labor away under inhumane conditions for very little money. They are not where teenage boys line up for the opportunity to spend hundreds of dollars on ironic T-shirts. But perhaps we’re just parsing terms.

Because the shit they’re selling at the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Sweatshop (its full name, y’all) is pretty dumb — and that’s straight from Tyler’s mouth. “Reality: this shirt is stupid as fuck. It’s ugly. It’s tacky. People like this shit. I’m excited.” Translation: “I can make something hella ugly and people buy it just because I attach my name to it. Being me is awesome.” [Racked]