This Is Obviously The Best Way To Celebrate Black History Month

So much WTFery in one little flier: an elementary school class in Waxhaw, North Carolina, sent home this grammatically incorrect flier with students asking them to dress in “African American attire” for Black History Day on February 28. What exactly is “African American attire”? Well, that part isn’t clear. A Flava Flav grill, perhaps? Fur-lined Kanye West booties? (Something tells me it this teacher didn’t mean the J.Crew cardigan worn by First Lady Michelle Obama, a noted black person.) However, if students don’t have any “African-American attire” in their closet, the flier helpfully suggests kids come to school in animal print clothing or shirts with animals native to Africa like “zebras, giraffes, lions and elephants.” Nothing says Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did not die in vain quite like a leopard-print dress or a shirt with a zebra on it, right?

Not knowing the difference between Black and African-American (i.e. you can have dark skin and not be from or have ancestors from Africa, like Rihanna) is bad enough for someone who is supposed to be educating our children. Assuming African-Americans and/or Blacks all dress similar enough that they have an “attire” is worse. But suggesting kids dress in “African-American attire” or “animal print” is just one big ignorant FAIL. This teacher should be fired. 


Image via Styleite

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