Pink Hair Victory: Sixth Grader’s Suspension Overruled!

When Brianna Moore, a 6th grader at Shue-Medill Middle School in Delaware, raised her grades enough to make honor roll for the first time, her parents let her dye her hair pink as a reward. The next day she was kicked out of school and faced with a choice: bleach her hair, take classes via in-school suspension until the color faded out, or switch schools. It wasn’t until the American Civil Liberties Union stepped in that the school district finally backed down and reversed the decision. Today Brianna is rocking pink hair, a good report card, and an admirable attitude: “I need to stand up for myself when it’s right,” she said. As a fellow pink-haired lady, I’m beaming with pride. [USA Today] [Photo by Suchat Peterson of The News Journal]