Makeup Bag: 10 Skin-Saving Sunscreens For The Face

I hate wearing sunscreen, which is particularly unfortunate when you consider that I have the whitest, most translucent, most easily burnt skin this side of hole in the ozone layer. I rarely sunbathe, given that as a mole creature I shrivel when exposed to sunlight, but I will admit to a few incidents when I was in high school that involved careless “tanning” with Italian friends whose skin bronzed to perfection in the rays. I basked enviously that afternoon, confident that I, too, would grow tan if I followed their lead. Wrong. So wrong. I’ll spare you the details, but I was vivid, unmistakable scarlet by nightfall, and I still have residual freckles from the incident. It’s a wonderful recipe for skin cancer, which I sincerely hope I do not get.

Regardless, I have deigned to wear sunscreen as necessary since that day. I use makeup with SPF and became acquainted with clear sunscreen in an aerosol bottle, which is kind of a godsend. My main concern with putting sunscreen on my face is breaking out. It seems like every formula available at the drugstore, Banana Boat et al, contains pore-clogging oils and chemicals that would send my exhaustive skincare routine right down the drain. Fortunately, both beauty companies and drugstore offerings have taken note and begun to address this exact issue. Keep clicking to check out a few of my picks for sunscreens with SPF 30+ you can slap on your face worry-free, even (and especially!) if you’re acne-prone.