An Online Dating Offer You Can’t Refuse: Free Man With Every Shoe Purchase

Today I read about a merger that makes sense, but in a sorta creepy way: shoe-shopping and online dating. A Malaysian shoe store called Shoes Shoes Shoes has teamed up with a dating website to “give away” a man with every shoe purchase in an ingenious marketing stunt they call “Shoe Dating.” Here’s the lowdown, after the jump…

Step 1. Man signs up on the dating site Lunch Actually and picks 20 shoes he would like to see on a potential date. He agrees to reimburse date between 10 to 100 percent of the cost of the shoes.

Step 2. Woman buys shoe at the store.

Step 3. Woman goes online and decides who she would like to go out with based on what dude likes her shoe choice.

Step 4. Couple meets for date. They have awkward conversation about the shoes. He reimburses her for the shoe. (And probably offers her more cash in exchange for some bigger favors?)

Okay, I’ll admit I added the last part. But this scenario definitely screams “sugar baby” and “sugar daddy” to me. I’m a bit skeptical that some random awesome guy would want to pay to take any girl out and pay for her new shoes, just for a single date.

Perhaps I am just one of those scarred city girls unaware of the fact that there happens to be a surplus of decent men in other parts of the world looking to find the love of their lives by any means necessary. Does this dating/shoe business seem feasible to you guys? [Huffington Post]

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