The Real March Madness: Lady-Hating Laws In Arizona Vs. Virginia

We have nothing personally against the states of Arizona and Virginia, two fine locations in the lower 48. Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon, and our own Ami Angelowicz was born and raised there. Virginia is the proud state that brought us Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and the Smithfield ham. However, when it comes to those of us with a vagina, these two places have been the worst lately. Read on to vote in our Real March Madness poll!

AZ’s state senate discussed a law that would allow doctors to lie to women about fetal birth defects in order to prevent abortions. What the eff! AZ’s senate also had bill that would allow employers to force female employees to prove they take birth control for medical reasons other than preventing pregnancy. Double what the eff!

Wait until you hear about Virginia: they had a bill that would have declared a fertilized egg a “person,” therefore making everything from abortion to IVF treatment illegal! And VA also discussed a bill that would force women seeking an abortion to have an invasive, medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasound. Legislators killed the bill after people pointed out that forcing a probe inside a woman is tantamount to rape. Sigh. Sometimes legislators are so crazy about our ladyparts I want them locked up for “hysteria,” that old malaise that used to put any freethinking woman behind bars. 

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