January Jones Comes Down Hard On Public Childhood Masturbation

“You know, Sally shouldn’t be masturbating at other people’s houses or she’s going to get slapped.”

– January Jones defends Betty Draper — specifically her decision to smack tween daughter Sally after she was busted diddling herself at a neighbor’s house — in an interview with The Daily. You know, I could easily write, like, 1000 words on why this quote annoys me, especially because it pretty clearly reads like January is also speaking for herself and not just her ’60s-era housewife character, but I’ll keep it brief…

Dude, Sally is on the brink of puberty! Masturbating is totally normal! And, yes, a neighbor’s house is probably not the ideal time to play with yourself, but Sally was doing her best to be discreet. She’s not exactly a tween exhibitionist. I could see a serious but compassionate discussion being in order — wait, Betty doesn’t do those — but a slap? I wonder if Jones’ parenting approach is just as strict when it comes to boys? ‘Cause lil’ Xander may be in for it in about 11 years… [The Daily]