It’s Time To Cry: Wife Of Dying “Dr. Who” Fan Seeks TARDIS Urn

“Dr. Who” fans can be an ardent and kooky bunch, even to the grave. So, too, is Kevin “Wash” Pratt, 27, of Arizona, who has been battling an aggressive brain tumor and likely won’t live much longer. In a bizarre yet lovely appeal, his wife and full-time caregiver Tashi King, 25, is asking sci fi-loving crafters on if anyone can fashion him a TARDIS urn. TARDIS, as “Dr. Who” fans know, is the time machine based on a 1960s-era police box through which the Doctor travels on all his adventures.

Fortunately for the couple, Regretsy readers say a TARDIS urn sounds totally doable. The young couple has already raised over $10,000 on a fundraising website, which could go towards the urn as well as other end-of-life costs and medical expenses.

You can read more about Wash, Tashi and their TARDIS quest on — and here’s wishing them the best.


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