Would You Throw Your Daughter A Menarche Party?

Ahh, periods. The first time Aunt Flow comes to town is a momentous and sometimes upsetting experience. But it doesn’t have to be! A company called Menarche Parties R Us wants to help you create a lifetime of memories by feting the first expulsion of the uterine wall. Play games like Pin the Ovaries, the Puberty Marshmallow Game, and Menstruation Trivia! Eat (what, red stuff?) off of speciality plates and send guests home with “Private Days Feminine Disposable Bags”! Ensure that your teenage daughter never, ever, ever speaks to you again because you threw such an extravaganza on an already confusing occasion! 

No, but seriously, Menarche Parties are apparently a thing and I don’t actually think they’re as awful as my joking implies. I appreciate the sentiment — puberty and menstruation are nothing to be ashamed of, your body is beautiful and amazing, not gross, and becoming a woman is to be celebrated not hidden. All that being said, I was raised by pretty hippie parents and if they had sprung a menarche party on me, I would have disowned them. A hug and a little instruction on how to use a tampon will suffice, Mom. 

What do you think? Would you throw a menarche party for your daughter? [Menarche Parties R Us]