Unlikely Style Inspiration: Andrea From “The Walking Dead”

So, did you guys watch the finale of “The Walking Dead”? What did you think? I don’t actually watch the show because it’s way too scary (hey, I might be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, but that doesn’t mean I want to watch it happen!), but my friends are super into it, and I’ve noticed that beneath the blood and guts the characters are rocking some pretty cool outfits. Click through to see our version of Andrea’s signature look–skinny jeans, a slouchy pullover, cowboy hat, and sneakers, of course, so she can run like hell…

 Skinny Jeans, $30, Old Navy

Striped Pullover, $30, Delia’s

Tooled Leather Belt, $35, Cabela’s

Cowboy Hat, $20, American Eagle

Puma Classic Sneakers, $48, Zappos