Today’s Lady News: Politician Suggests Women Lie About Rape To Get Abortions

  • The Idaho state senator who sponsored the bill that would force women to undergo a medically unnecessary ultrasound before an abortion said yesterday that there is no exception for rape or incest victims because women may lie about being raped to get an abortion. Oh, you know. Lyin’ about rape. Gettin’ abortions. It’s stuff we ladies do all the time. [Huffington Post]
  • Also, Idaho’s GOP will stage a live ultrasound demonstration at the statehouse. [Think Progress]
  • First Lady Michelle Obama told a fundraising crowd on Sunday night that any Supreme Court appointments by her husband would ensure future generations could “love whomever they choose.” [Politicker]
  • Colorado’s state house advanced an anti-abortion “fetal personhood” bill that would declare a fertilized egg to be a human being, therefore criminalizing abortion. [Daily Kos]
  • Therapists in California have come out against so-called “ex-gay therapy,” which is the idea that psychological professionals can convince  gay people to be straight. [Think Progress]
  • Meet the Mormon feminist bloggers. [Guardian UK]
  • Baylor University, a Christian university in Texas, held a conference on women in the ministry, which addressed how to encourage women ministers in faiths that don’t believe women should be pastors. [Newswise]
  • Rick Santorum’s wife Karen discussing women’s rights on “Piers Morgan” sounds like a gas. []
  • On car shopping while female. [xoJane]
  • Meet Samira Ibrahim, who has been battling Egypt’s “virginity tests” on female protestors even after the military doctor accused of ordering the sexual assaults has been declared innocent. [The Daily Beast
  • Tragic, beautiful photographs of prostitutes in Bangladesh. [BuzzFeed]
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