Today’s Lady News: Utah Governor Vetoes Abstinence Sex Ed Bill

  • Utah’s governor Gary Herbert, a Republican, vetoed a bill that would have forced all sexual education classes to only teach abstinence, with no mention of contraception, as well as be “opt-in” instead of “opt-out.” The Utah bill would also have forbidden any discussion of homosexuality. Anyone else scared that this bill passed Utah’s state House and Senate in the first place? [Think Progress]
  • Tennessee’s House Health and Human Resources Committee will take up a bill this week that would require the names of abortion providers, as well as demographic information about women who have abortions, to be listed online. Anti-abortion activists are using the “it’s more information!” smokescreen, while pro-choice activists say this is just another way of trying to intimidate doctors and women. []
  • Why did a profile of feminist activist Gloria Steinem run in the “Fashion & Style” section of The New York Times? I mean, really, people!  [NY Times]
  • And let’s discuss: do we really need another Gloria Steinem, anyway? [Bitch Magazine]
  • I am ignoring this Bristol Palin foolishness, but not without first saying, What the fuck?! [Wonkette]
  • Newsweek presents “Mad Men”-era sexist ads that appeared … in Newsweek. [The Daily Beast]
  • Doonsbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau talked to about the censorship and uproar surrounding his recent comic strips about forced transvaginal ultrasounds. [Slate
  • Pioneering midwife Ina May Gaskin discusses the United States’ disconcertingly high maternal mortality rate. [Democracy Now]
  • Was “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” cancelled by Oprah’s OWN network because it was too gay? [After Ellen]
  • On black women and eating disorders. [Frugivore]
  • A one-armed pole dancer has won the world title for pole dancing. [Jezebel]
  • Authorities in Cuba detained over 70 female peaceful protesters who call themselves Ladies In White. The women, who are the only ones in Cuba allowed to publicly protest, are the wives and mothers of political dissidents who have been jailed. They were protesting in advance of a visit to Cuba by the Pope in an attempt to draw more attention to the country’s human rights abuses. [MSNBC
  • Chinese activist Liu Ping has been missing since earlier this month, possibly in connection to her support of democracy and labor and women’s rights. [NY Times]
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