Introducing The Frisky’s March Madness!

For the last couple of weeks, our office has been buzzing about March Madness — as our coworkers debate who’s going to win in this year’s NCAA tournament. Most of us Frisky girls don’t really give a crap about that (though yes, sports are fun and yada yada yada.) But bracket games are fun! And we wanted to get in on the action, so we created one of our own, celebrating the truly crazy people and things that happened this past year. Every day this week, we’ll choose two brackets to go head-to-head. You’ll vote for who you think is the most out there and outrageous and the winner will move forward in the game. After all, you’ve always wondered who’d win a crazy contest — Courtney Love or Paz de la Huerta, right? Check back here for updates and don’t forget to vote!



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