Today’s Lady News: Little Girls & Their Pink Things Make For A Fascinating Photo Project

  • As if you needed further proof that toy companies are ruthless when it comes to marketing “girls” and “boys” toys in the basest way possible: “The Pink & blue Project,” by photographer JeongMee Yoon, captures little girls and their pink — very pink — toys, dolls, shoes and clothes. [Flavorwire]
  • Feminist activists Gloria Steinem, Robin Morgan and Jane Fonda say it’s time for the FCC to step in and deal with Rush Limbaugh, who recently called Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” on-air. I suspect the FCC is too busy keeping an eagle-eye out for wardrobe malfunctions. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • Here’s a delightful compendium of Rush Limbaugh’s worst comments about women … [Seattle PI]
  • … including a special focus on his use of the word “feminazi.” [Media Matters For America]
  • According to a new study by the Guttmacher Institute, more than half of all reproductive-age women live in states hostile to abortion. [
  • The SXSW festival and white male nerd culture’s last stand. [Salon]
  • Women’s sufferage, Lady Gaga-style. [Feminist Law Professors]
  • Why can being a female sports fan be a turn-off to some dudes? [YourTango]
  • Readers choose the 10 most powerful women in literature. [Flavorwire]


  • After a 16-year-old rape victim committed suicide because she was ordered by a judge to marry her rapist, Moroccan feminists are calling for a cultural change. [L.A. Times]
  • HIV+ students at a school in Tanzania, Africa were forced to wear special ribbons denoting their status to others. [Loop21]
  • On sexual violence from the military in Myanmar/Burma. [Women Under Siege]
  • An Afghan business woman on why she believes the U.S. should withdraw from her country. [Democracy NOW]
  • Russia refuses to free members of the punk band Pussy Riot who were imprisoned for protesting against the government. [Times Live]
  • Spaniards are debating how to neutralize gender in their grammar, rather than referring to words like “parents” (called “fathers,” literally) or “human being” (called “man,” literally). [BikyaMasr]
  • An inexpensive European airline has come up with yet another obnoxious advertisement: this time a stewardess in lingerie. [Irish Examiner

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Image photo credit JeongMee Yoon.