The Official Frisky Girl Code Of Conduct

Ladies, look, we think it’s high time we stop snarking on each other and start supporting one another. To that end, we’ve developed an official Frisky Girl Code of Conduct, based on what we wish our friends, coworkers and female strangers might do to help us out. The Frisky Girl Code Of Conduct is also what we expect in return. Every woman needs to support other women in these ways: it’s just the right thing to do.

After the jump, we give you a list of things we pledge to do to make life better for all womankind.

  • If your dress is hanging open in the back, I’ll let you know and zip it up for you.
  • If your butt is tucked into your panties or otherwise hanging out of your dress, I’ll kindly inform you.
  • If you’re in the next dressing room over and need an honest opinion on something you’re trying on, I’ll offer it. Especially if the opinion is “save your money.”
  • If I come across a woman crying in a public restroom, I will offer her a tissue.
  • I will always share my tampons.
  • I will babysit for free so my mommy friends can get their drink on.
  • I will stick up for girls who are not around to defend themselves — and stick up for girls who are around to defend themselves but are too scared to do it!
  • I will discreetly let you know if your mascara or lipstick is smudged, or if you have egregious “panda bear” dark eye circles thanks to some misplaced eye shadow.
  • I will listen to my friend cry and comfort her (even if she’s just crying because she’s super wasted).
  • I will listen to my female friends complain about their guy problems, even if I think he sucks and she should dump his ass.
  • I will volunteer to take my friend home if she’s not feeling well or too drunk to get home by  herself. I will not let some random dude take her home.
  • I will apologize immediately for small transgresses, such as stepping on another woman’s foot with my heel, or accidentally spilling something on her.
  • I will give up my seat to a pregnant lady or a woman with small kids on public transportation and help women with strollers up and down the stairs.
  • I will always let another woman know there’s no toilet paper in a toilet stall, or alternately, pass her toilet paper if she needs some.
  • I will never sleep with another woman’s man. And I will tell my girl friends if their man is stepping out on them.
  • I will not engage in body-snarking another woman, either behind her back or to her face.
  • I will always offer up my single man friends to my single ladies. Just because I don’t want them doesn’t mean one of my girlfriends won’t!

Tell us: What would you add (or take away) to our Frisky Girl Code of Conduct?