Morning Quickies: Jon Hamm Defends His “Stupid” Kardashian Comments

  • Jon Hamm is backpedaling from his comments last week about Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian in which he remarked “being a f**king idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re rewarded significantly.” Kimmy fired back over Twitter, calling him “careless,” and now Jon, somewhat naively told E! that “It’s surprising to me that it has become remotely a story.” (Really?) He continued, “I don’t know Ms. Kardashian, I know her public persona. What I said was meant to be more on pervasiveness of something in our culture, not personal, but she took offense to it and that is her right.” [PopBytes]
  • Fiona Apple performed some new songs at SXSW, there’s video, and you know you want to watch. [Stereogum]
  • Gillian Anderson says she was offered the role of Lady Cora Crawley on “Downton Abbey,” but turned it down. Interesting. I can’t imagine anyone but Elizabeth McGovern in that role. [Huffington Post]
  • Find out what Jermaine Jones, the “American Idol” contestant booted off after it was discovered he’d hidden a criminal record, is wanted for. [Stupid Celebrities]
  • Ten great reasons for doing it in the great outdoors. I would personally advise you against doing it on the beach … ow. [Em & Lo]
  • Quiz: Are you being insane about choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses? [The Hairpin]
  • On the history of the paisley print. [Ecosalon]
  • The Obamas are all over television during the month of March. [Uptown Magazine]
  • Did you know there are 10 musicians named after foods? [Celebrity Cafe]
  • Tonight on “America’s Next Top Model,” British contestant Louise Watts pitches a fit and gets into a fight with PR maven Kelly Cutrone. Not a good idea, love. [Life & Style]
  • Twelve celebs who still look gorgeous sans fards. [Betty Confidential]
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