12 Annoying Phrases Used To Describe Women

I’ve been reflecting more on why I felt such deep shame while watching “The Bachelor” finale the other night. I think part of it has to do with the way they talk about the bachelorettes. It’s like they are stock characters. Well, I guess they are. It’s television. But in real life as well, I find myself irked by a certain subset of commonly used phrases to describe women. They are just kind of one-dimensional, stereotypical and well, annoying. After the jump, the female descriptors that make my skin crawl.

1. An independent woman. As opposed to a remote controlled woman?

2. A sweetie. I’m not sweet. Sometimes I’m kind. Sometimes I’m a bitch. But sweet just sounds so simple to me.

3. Perfect 10. Rating systems are too subjective (not to mention objective) for me to take seriously. Plus, no one is perfect. We know that.

4. The total package. Unwrap me and you’ll see, I’ve got all my parts! Woo hoo!

5. Daddy’s girl. We all have daddies. Some of us just like them more than others.

6. A dame. What is this? A production of “South Pacific”?

7. Marriage material. I want to tweak this to something like, “Ready to get married.” Otherwise it sounds like I’m made out of taffeta and flowers.

8. The kind of girl you bring home to mom. Which begs the question: What kind of girl don’t you bring home to mom? Which makes this an insult in disguise.

9. Girl next door. I don’t want to be called this unless I physically live next door to someone.

10. One of the guys. Except that I’m not a guy. I’m a woman who enjoys spending time with guys and doing activities that shouldn’t be considered exclusively for guys to begin with.

11. A girls’ girl. I’m not sure what this even means. That other girls like you? So, it basically means that you have friends. Just say that.

12. High maintenance. Are we talking about having to have Chanel everything, spending four hours getting ready or refusing to go camping? Let’s be specific here.

Which terms bother you? Share the ones that annoy you most in the comments.