Today’s Lady News: You’d Have To Prove You Use Birth Control For “Health Reasons” Under Proposed AZ Law

  • Arizona’s State Senate Judiciary Committee advanced a bill yesterday that would give your boss the right to make you prove that your prescription birth control is being used for health reasons — and not for being a slutty-slut-slut having sex for her own pleasure. Your boss could also fire you for using birth control to be a slutty-slut-slut, because AZ is an at-will employment state. It might be time to move to Canada. [Huffington PostJezebel]
  • The Health and Human Services Department ended Title X funding to the Medicaid Women’s Health Program in Texas today after the state recently voted to stop accepting money from “affiliates of abortion providers.” This is all part of Texas’s larger plan to block any funding at all from going to abortion providers. []
  • Barbara Walters is slow on the uptick with this one: she says “The Bachelor” degrades women and she’s “deeply offended” by the show. [US Weekly]
  • Florida’s House and Senate have both advanced a bill to ban shackling female inmates while giving birth. It now heads to the governor’s desk. []
  • Six-year-old Lori Anne Madison is the youngest contestant in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. [The Mary Sue]
  • Is the idea of “porn for ladies” sexist? [XX Factor]
  • On “30 Rock” and awkward lady behavior. [Think Progress]


  • A 16-year-old Moroccan girl committed suicide after a judge ordered her to marry her rapist as a way to bring “honor” back upon her family. [Thanks to Frisky reader Monkia for the link.] [Al Arabiya]
  • The American anti-abortion group 40 Days Of Life has been holding vigils outside abortion clinics in London, intimidating guests, and allegedly filming people who come in and out of their buildings. [Washington Post]
  • An Argentine court has upheld a ruling that will legalize abortion when the woman was impregnated as a result of rape. [CNN]
  • Canadian women are suing Customs and Border Protection agents for allegedly groping and fondling them during strip searches. [Detroit Free-Press]
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