Couple Has 240 Sex Dolls — Just For Company!

Thank you, “My Crazy Obsession,” for never failing to amaze me. Their latest episode featured a British couple, Bob and Lizzie, who own the world’s largest collection of sex dolls. Spending $150k on 240 (!!!) life-sized sex dolls would seem crazy enough to land the couple on the show, but just when you think it couldn’t get any stranger, they admitted during an interview that the sex dolls aren’t used for sex, only for “company.”

“I’ve never made love or had sex with the doll at all,” said Bob. The couple prefers to simply “hang out” with the dolls, drink tea and eat meals. Maybe they even take them rollerblading on beautiful summer days. At $4,500 a pop, these dolls better be providing some damn good sex-less company. Bob and Lizzie, for $150k, we can have a tea party together anytime! I can look pretty, glassy-eyed and not say a single word too. [Huffington Post]