5 Ways To Celebrate Pi Day

Guess what? It’s March 14th, aka 3.14, aka PI DAY. Pi, as you probably remember from high school geometry, is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Pi is one of the sexiest math concepts in the game, because it’s huge (recent calculations have mapped it out to 5 trillion digits) and poetic and mysterious. My friends and I have been celebrating this sacred holiday for the past few years. Want to honor the almighty pi? Here are some ways to get in on the fun…

1. Eat Round Foods. Pizza, cookies, pies, cantaloupe, cheese, peanut butter cups–as long as it’s round and delicious, today is the perfect day to indulge. Optional: calculating the area of your food before you eat it.

2. Play Math Charades. The rules of Math Charades are the same as the rules for normal charades except everything you mime has to be math-related. Some of my favorite Math Charades subjects from Pi Parties of yore have been “Pythagorean Theorem,” “Schrödinger’s Cat” (always a crowd pleaser), “String Theory,” and, of course, “Show Your Work.”

3. Have A Pi Memorization Contest. See which of your friends can memorize pi out to the farthest decimal. Anyone who can correctly recite all 5 trillion numbers gets a free pie of their choice.

4. Watch “Pi” Or Read Life Of Pi. A dark movie about a paranoid mathematician? Perfect! A book about a boy stranded at sea with a Bengal tiger? Yes, please!

5. Buy A Pi-Shaped Cookie Cutter. Because math-themed confections are awesome every day of the year. And it’s only $13.

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