The Most Embarrassing Moment Of “The Bachelor” Finale

Soooo. I sat through two long ass hours of the most boring not controversial “Bachelor” finale ever. Really, the only part I wanted to see was “After the Final Rose.” So I had to watch. The only thing that kept me slogging through was Amelia’s company and that bottle of wine we were working on. We also played Bengo intermittently. They said “special” A LOT so we killed the bottle fairly quickly. I spent most of the two hours cringing, burying my face in my hands and muttering under my breath about feeling “deep shame.” This finale, in addition to being a snoozefest, was extremely embarrassing. The love letter Courtney wrote. Her lack of proper punctuation. Lindzi’s stress breakouts. Ben’s sister’s weird hair. And the capes! Good God! The capes! Which leads me to the most embarrassing moment … Lindzi’s dumping.

Oh poor Lindzi — the forgotten bachelorette. She was treated like a cardboard prop. You almost forgot she was there until she emerged awkwardly from the helicopter wearing a green velvet cape. Let me say in her defense that Ben handled her like a complete cad. He told her he had fallen in love with her BUT. Who says that when they are about to crush someone on national television? Who? Then he let her talk. And she began to apologize for her existence. Maybe she wasn’t vulnerable enough. Or whatever enough. This always kills me to watch both on “The Bachelor” and in real life. A woman taking the blame for a relationship going south when clearly it has nothing to do with her. It suppose I feel such deep shame because I’ve done that myself before. But if nothing else, “The Bachelor” reminds me that I should never, ever EVER do it again.

I wish Lindzi said nothing at all. I wish she had a pact with herself to remain completely silent if Ben dumped her … at least until she got in the limo. But I understand why she spoke. She felt lame in that moment and her defense mechanism was to talk so she wouldn’t cry. But instead of stopping her and reassuring her that it was nothing she did, that he is just a shallow asshole with bad hair, Ben let her keep talking. And she continued to spiral until she hit rock bottom: “If things don’t work out, call me.” Arggghhhhhh! Noooooo! The shame!

We have all said stupid things while being dumped, I know I have. Your wounded pride kicks in, your ego revs up, and before you know it, you are telling some loser that you were the best thing that ever happened to him. I hope that once Lindzi emerges from the shame cave she is inevitably hiding in, that she will look back and see Ben for what he really was: not good enough for her.

So what did you think of last night’s “Bachelor” finale? Share your thoughts in the comments.