#IDidNotReport: A Twitter Hashtag Worth Checking Out

Occasionally, Twitter users take on a cause that isn’t just posting pictures of their cats or ruminating on the injustices of waiting in line at Shake Shack. Like today’s hashtag campaign, started by blogger and Twitter-er London Feminist. The #ididnotreport campaign (which definitely comes with a trigger warning for those who have suffered sexual assault or abuse), encourages women to share their stories of sexual assault and the reasons why they may or may not have reported their experiences.

Women like Tonya, who writes: “because i was so fat no one else would ever want me so i should be grateful #ididnotreport.” And says Castorgirl, “#ididnotreport because I thought it was normal. By the time I realised it wasn’t, I thought I deserved it.”

But perhaps most pointedly, writes @SaraBlackthorne: “If you want to know more about the #WarOnWomen, take one look at #ididnotreport and you’ll understand.” [Twitter]