Crap Dude Of The Day: NBA’s Chris Kaman Tweets Photos Of Himself With Dead Bobcat

Chris Kaman is the center forward for the New Orleans Hornets basketball team, apparently one of the worst teams in the league. Last night, the Hornets played against the Charlotte Bobcats, and Chris thought that he would use an age old intimidation tactic to scare his opponents: Twitter. So he posted a couple of photos of himself on the social networking site — with a dead bobcat. Gross, you say? Tacky? Totally disgusting and effed up? Yeah, that’s about right.

We think this is such egregious fuckery that Kaman deserves to be censured by his team. After all, it’s not particularly good sportsmanship, and it sets a terrible example for Kaman’s fans. If you agree, let the New Orleans Hornets know by tweeting at them (@Hornets). Or tweet at Chris Kaman directly and let him know what he did is unacceptable.

And in case you’re wondering — mindlessly killing a wild animal didn’t seem to help Kaman’s game: the Hornets lost to the Bobcats 71 to 73.