Poll: Do You Schedule Sex?

We’ve all planned dates and meetups with friends — but what about sexytimes? An article by “life intimacy coach” Kim Anami suggests that if you really want to maintain a sense of intimacy with your partner, you better get your iCals synced. “Knowing what we know about the power of sex to energize and uplift, mind, body and soul, it’s important to prioritize it in our lives,” says Anami. “To schedule it even.” In her practice as a couples counselor, she often recommends that couples designate certain times of the week as sex time. And she recommends that couples spend at least three hours per week having sex.

Anami believes that having sex is a part of self-care, and just like exercise and eating, it’s important to make time for it. “Think about the other self-care regimens you have,” she writes. “Do you leave them to chance? Hoping that you’ll eventually get around to them? Or do you look at your calendar and figure out when to make them happen?”

But doesn’t the idea of scheduling sex take some of the passion out of the act? Vote in our poll and tell us how you feel about it in the comments! [Mind Body Green]

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