Chess Tournament Thoughtfully Bans Cleavage So Women Won’t Invite Rude Comments

An IM Conversation at Frisky HQ:

Jessica: Oh, Lord, a chess tournament has banned cleavage.

Amelia:  I love chess.

Jessica:  But do you love playing chess with your titties hanging out? Apparently that’s a problem.

Amelia:  Especially then. I would do it to distract my opponent if they were a 15-year-old prodigy.

Amelia:  Is that why they’re banning cleave? Cause it distracts?  Or because chicks be hiding extra Queens between their boobs?

Jessica: Because the audience members are making rude comments when women wear blouses with more than two buttons undone. Women chess players also can’t wear skirts shorter than four inches above the knee. It’s another case of policing women’s clothing instead of requiring people to treat them like human beings.

Amelia:  Yes. True.

Jessica:  Although hiding extra queens in the boobs is a good idea. [NY Daily News]

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